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The SubsoniX, Subway Bums, and New Thirty groups are available for bookings for dance clubs, sports bars, restaurants, corporate and special events, colleges, informal weddings, wineries, parties, or concerts -- loud or soft, indoors or out!   We will be happy to discuss rates and availability with you. We are specialists in filling your need for a 70s, 80s, 90s or contemporary tribute  band, live rock band, cover band , classic rock band, or dance band, and all at a reasonable rate.  We are one of the top live and cover bands for hire in Orange County.

Please contact us by phone or by e-mail. You can also book us through our marketing web site below

By phone:  949.290.3263   

By e-mail:

Fax:           949.766.7796 

We charge the same, whether we are playing for one hour or four hours

Our fee is negotiable, but understand that we don't charge by the hour. We get paid to set up and tear down our equipment, so we charge the same, whether we are playing for one hour or four hours. It takes at least an hour of labor to load in and set up all of the equipment, including keyboards, drums, amplifiers, guitars, microphones, and a PA system. It takes another hour to tear everything down and load up our vehicles.  The playing time is the easy part (and the fun part !)  With that, please do not request a large discount because you have a 2 hour show planned. Again, we don't get paid by the hour, we get paid to set up and tear down the stage, regardless of playing time.

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